Event Deck 1.0

Event Deck 1.0 is a tool for streamlining advanced games of Warhammer Quest. This application attempts to replicate the standard event deck in the Warhammer Quest game in terms of visual appeal and ease of use, while being as expandable as the system of tables found in the Roleplay book. The intention is to minimize wasted time spent hunting through the Roleplay book for tables and stats once the game has progressed past the first level.

And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words:

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For those who remember it, yes this is indeed a remake of my old WHQEvent application written back in 1995. I was young and foolish then (I'm old and foolish now), so naturally this new app has a lot of improvements over the old app:


This app was created partly for my own personal use, and partly as a service to other fans of the game out there. I'd love to hear any comments, bug reports, and feature suggestions. Contact me at:



I would like to thank the Warhammer Quest community at large, who have kept the game alive all these years. Special thanks to Bruno, Alex, and anyone else responsible for digitizing all the original materials and sharing them with the rest of us.

Go check out The Warhammer Quest Museum, a site without which none of this would have been possible.

Legal Disclaimer

Warhammer Quest and the Warhammer Quest Logo are trademarks of Games Workshop Limited. Their use on this website and within the Event Deck software is not a challenge to those rights.

The files for download available at this site can be copied and distributed freely. I make no guarentees for the performance of, or effect on any system due to the use of this software. It is to be used at your own risk.


Someone contacted me recently requesting a feature add, or failing that to share the source. I have to admit, I play little Warhammer Quest myself these days, and chances are pretty slim that I'd ever update this program. But if anyone else wanted to do so, or just wants to see how the thing works, I thought I'd share the source. So here it is:

Source Code

It requires that you have the JDK, and you'll find Ant and/or NetBeans useful for compiling. I've included the netbeans project files in the above download. Enjoy, and please let me know if you make changes. I'd love to see them!

Update: Some guys copied this code over to a Google project to fix some issues in OS X. It looks like little has been done to it since, but future maintainers may want to use it as a starting point rather than my original source dump. Here's the link: