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GOING BOING is, by far, Binkystick's second album.
The experimentation from BAKED NAKED is still apparent, but it's obvious that the boys have honed their skills. The strange instrumentals are still there (T minus 40, Duckling March), as are radically altered covers (Shitlist, Head Like A Hole), and story songs (Father Pablo, Otto), but the band also delve into more mature songs like "Just Good Friends" and Set Me Free.
GOING BOING ends with the epic Hot Monkey Love, which recalls The Beatles' "Hey Jude", Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird", and Neil Young's "Keep on Rockin In The Free World" all rolled into one musical compost heap of love and loss.
As I was baked and naked on the cover of the first album, I am going "BOING!" on the cover of this one. That is NOT a stunt(gingerbread)man, or an altered photo! I give my all for the band and its fans.



(click on a yellow title for a wonderous mp3 sound clip!)
T Minus 40 and Counting
Hard Monkey Nipples
Father Pablo
Matzoh Ball Song
Global Warming and You
Retarted Lyma Beans
How Long Ago
Live at Hot Nellie's
Asbestos Can Be Fun
"Just Good Friends"
9-volt Battery
Duckling March
Otto the Aardvark
Set Me Free
Hot Spanish Blood
Very Tall
Head Like a Hole
[Give Me All of Your] Hot Monkey Love