The Warhammer Quest Event Generator

Ok, the real reason I started working on The Fighting Pit was to make a nice front end to distribute this program. It's freeware, I can't imagine anyone would pay for it, so download it and give all your friends a copy. I don't care, as long as the program is not edited in any way. Also, I don't beleive it would be quite legal for me to charge money for something that's based entirely around someone else's game. For more info on how I tried to cover my butt from being sued by Games Workshop, see my Legal Disclaimer.

Where Did it Come From?

Ok, so where did the Warhammer Quest Event Generator come from you ask? Well, it started when I noticed that as you go along in the Warhammer Quest game, the easy to use event deck is replaced with not so easy to use charts and tables. And if that wasn't enought, people started writing more tables and expansions and posting them on the web. Getting sick of all these tables to roll on and missing that cute little deck of event cards, I started writing a program that would siulate the deck yet still have the ability to expand and grow as the tables do.

What Does it Do?

Well, at first it looks just like your event deck. You click on the picture of the deck, and a "card" is drawn from the deck, showing you either a monster or an event. Easy, no? Well, you can also load in different database files of monsters and events. The program comes with the first three levels of monsters found in Warhammer Quest Rule Book, and an event table courtesy and copyright of Andrew Brockhouse (He's got tons of great tables, check out his website).

But Wait, There's More!

Yeah, so what happens if you go past third level? Or what if you want to throw that really neat blood sucking three toed vampire sloth you created in with the other second level monsters. Well, the program also lets you edit the database files and create new ones. Notice - In previous versions, editing tables was permanent (no undo or delete). This has been fixed in the most recent version.

Download it Now!

Ok, enough chit chat, huh? Here's the download. It's in a zipped file, so you'll need a decompressing application, like Winzip. Also, you can download the table files in case you accidentally screwed them up with the editors. They're also zipped.

Download WHQEvent ver. 2.0.2
Download the Table Files
(These come with the WHQEvent program.)

What's New

The current version of WHQevent is 2.0.2. The following is a list of what was updated with each release:

Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.1 Version 2.0.0 Version 1.0.0
Legal Disclaimer